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Shab e Qadar Mubarak

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Shab e Qadar Mubarak

In This Night of Decree all their previous sins will be forgiven.

Shab e Qadar Mubarak

On this night, the Allah give forgiveness to you.

Shab e Qadar Mubarak

This is a night of mercy and blessings

Shab e Qadar Mubarak

On this blessed night, make sincere dua to Allah for forgiveness, guidance, and blessings.

Shab e Qadar Mubarak

Seeking the Night of Decree is a sign of faith, and whoever finds it, finds goodness

Shab e Qadar Mubarak

The Night of Decree is a night of peace and blessings, a night of mercy and forgiveness

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About Shab e Qadar Mubarak

Ramadan month getting to end and some of day is praying as shab a qadar is the date of 21,23,25,27 day of Ramadan is is Namaz of shab a qadar as nawafil. Shab A Qadar on 27 day of Ramadan

Shab a Qadar is known as Laylat-al-Qadar and 27 Shab also.On Shab a qadr night praying Namaz of Nawafil. It’s depend upon you how many Rak’at Namaz will you prayed at this night.

Laylat-al-Qadar and 27 Shab is the 27 day of Ramadan Month. This is Shab a Qadar day also completed a Taraweeh Namaz.

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